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Last Plumbing's New Trucks

Last Plumbing, Inc. is re-equipping our new trucks! Though the fire was a terrible thing for all of us to go through, we’re slowly getting ourselves reestablished.

We’ve decided to try this new style of truck. Most of our tools can now be accessed from the outside of the vehicle, instead of the inside panels we had become used to.

We’re finding it’s a lot easier to keep things organized in our new trucks. I’ve heard women say that about their new homes as well. Perhaps it’s just because it’s new???  We’ll keep you informed.

Now is the time to remodel that bathroom and kitchen! The housing market, being the way it is, many are making their homes more appealing and comfortable. We’re here to help you do just that.

Give Last Plumbing a call. Very often we can cut costs by reviewing your projects with pictures uploaded to the internet. It’s our pleasure to help you make your home looks it best. You’re welcome to come to our home as well as we put your project together. Often times, the bathrooms we have in our home help you decide what you do and don’t want for your own home plumbing project. We can help set up appointments with experts who can make your decision making process go very smoothly.
Call 1-262-675-0667 TODAY! Emergency calls accepted.
You can reach me (Aaron) on my cell phone
at 262-208-0992.