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Last Plumbing: Fix My Faucet

Here is an example of "FIXING IT WITH PICTURES." This woman’s faucet broke off in her hand, and she needed
a new one.

Last Plumbing was able to assess the situation without a trip to the house, and was able to minimize her cost tremendously.

We emailed pictures back and forth until she knew which faucet was best for her situation. Within hours she had a working faucet again.

I re-caulked her sink, which needed it badly ( as you can see)  and she entertained her guests that evening with hot and cold running water in her powder room sink.

Often times, people wait until something major happens before they fix the little plumbing problems in their homes. When those things happen, like this powder room faucet,  costs to fix those small things in the home are kept to a minimum because I’m already there! I can fix that leaky outside faucet and check the pressure in your pressure tank… I can get that drain flowing freely again and fix the leak under the kitchen sink that has been not just "toooo" bad for "toooo" long.

Give Last Plumbing a call today… before the little things become BIG things! We’re here to help.
1-262-675-0667 or Aaron’s Cell 262-208-0992
The Results….A happy customer with a beautiful new faucet and perfectly caulked sink! Thank you Last Plumbing.